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Anyone can have a high-end camera but without perfect lighting it is useless. We know that lighting is everything. Of course, we have all the bells and wistles to make it perfect but without skill we might as well just leave it up for display. But we’re not doing that. We are artist and we love to create new images old and new. Just think of the great film photography (before digital) and how wonderful it looks and you may wish you have a portfolio such as them. The 60′s did not have great cameras as we do today but they understood that a perfect scenery and great lighting made the magic happen. For example, you may have seen a great High Definition movie but about 10 minutes into it you turned it off. It’s not the quality of the film, it is the poor direction, scenery, lighting and sound. We thrive on making the impossible happen. We love art and besides that is my name. Nothing is to crazy for my team and I to conquer. In fact, we thrive on super creativity. Let’s build a portfolio together.

_DSC0095 Cariage Fairytale

Flying with doves

Flying with doves

Dallas modeling photoshoots.

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Waxahachie-Dallas Photgraphy. Artesq cinema is a locally owned and operated art facility located in Waxahachie, TX. We customize wedding packages for all couples in all the U.S for weddings, bridal portraits, graduation, modeling shoots, engagement and other special projects.

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